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The Discover Archaeology webinar series was launched in 2020 to keep Crow Canyon’s community engaged at a distance. Guided by the principle that there are many ways of knowing the past, these events reflect diverse voices that contribute to our understanding of the past, present, and future. Our webinars are free and led by renowned researchers, cultural specialists, tribal members, academics, and experts.

Upcoming Webinars

Our webinar events cover many unique topics; explore the history of the American Southwest from afar.

Join one of our upcoming live events with the links below or view recent events our full library on Crow Canyon’s YouTube channel.

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Pueblo people today often refer to their home village as their center place, and this concept is also routinely applied to ancestral sites. What does...
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Ask an Archaeologist


Hosted by Dr. Liz Perry, Chief Executive Officer; Dr. Jonathan Dombrosky, Postdoctoral Scholar; Dr. Benjamin Bellorado, Laboratory Director; Dr....
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Over the past two years, Crow Canyon Postdoctoral Scholar Michelle Turner has been working with our lab archaeologists to analyze thousands of...
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