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NEW FEATURE: Access the Crow Canyon Photo Database!

The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center gathers a large number of photographs documenting excavations and the material culture of the Mesa Verde region. These images are an important feature to the research we conduct and a necessary part of the scientific archive.
As part of our mission to support public archaeology, we have updated our research archives with a new-and-improved photo database that is user-friendly and accessible to everyone. This new feature will allow descendant community members, researchers, citizen scientists, educators, and students to search for specific fields and locate relevant images.
Please visit and have fun exploring!

Cortez Locals Bob and Diane McBride Awarded Prestigious Ivol K. Hagar Archaeological Award

Cortez Locals Bob and Diane McBride Awarded Prestigious Ivol K. Hagar Archaeological Award

Congratulations to frequent Crow Canyon volunteers and collaborators Bob and Diane McBride who in September were awarded the prestigious Ivol K. Hagar award by the Hisatsinom Chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society.

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A Moment of Gratitude – A Message from Crow Canyon’s President

A Message from Crow Canyon’s President

We would like to invite you to our future. But first, a moment of gratitude...

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Crow Canyon Events

The Hisatsinom Chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society presents San Juan Red Ware and Social Networks across the Southwest with Robert Bischoff

Thursday, October 22nd at 4 p.m. MDT

San Juan Red Ware is a type of painted pottery produced in southeastern Utah. This presentation builds upon prior analyses by utilizing the publicly available CyberSouthwest database (cybersw.org) containing data on millions of ceramics to analyze the distribution of this ware throughout the Southwest, as well as its relative position in social networks.

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An Embarrassment of Riches: Large Tree-Ring Datasets and the Reconstruction of Pre-Columbian History in the Southwest with Dr. Steve Nash

Thursday, October 29th at 4 p.m. MDT

Southwestern archaeology and tree-ring dating have been inextricably intertwined for more than a century. In this presentation, Steve presents several case studies from various locations around the American Southwest to make the case that we must always understand and account for the historical origins and biases inherent in these data.

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The Pueblo Archaeological and Historical Society presents The Archaeology of Rock Art with Dr. Lawrence Loendorf

Thursday, November 5th at 4 p.m. MST

Rock art sites are more complex than the images on the rocks. Archaeologists have recognized the bedrock metates and mortar holes found at rock art sites, but they often overlook the stone shrines, the medicinal plants, and the tools used to make the rock images that are frequently found on the surface near a rock art panel.

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Phiogeh: A Classic Period Tewa Community in New Mexico with Patrick Cruz

Thursday, November 12th at 4 p.m. MST

The Phiogeh site (LA 144) is a Classic Period Tewa village located in the northern Espanola Valley north of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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How Prevalent Was Ancestral Pueblo Garden Hunting? A Test Using Stable Isotopes and Rabbit Remains with Jonathan Dombrosky

Thursday, November 19th at 4 p.m. MST

Jonathan summarizes ongoing work in Zooarchaeology Lab at the University of Mexico. His work highlights the need to more thoroughly understand how farming impacted wild animals in the prehispanic American Southwest, how those impacts altered foraging practices, and how those practices changed or remained constant through time.

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The Pueblo Archaeological and Historical Society presents Barger Gulch, A Folsom Campsite in the Rocky Mountains with Dr. Todd Surovell

Thursday, December 3rd at 4 p.m. MST

In this presentation, Dr. Surovell will talk about an intensively occupied Folsom winter campsite in Middle Park, Colorado that provides glimpses into rarely explored aspects of Folsom lifeways.

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Lyle Balenquah, Crow Canyon programs and rock art 

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Visit with Respect

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A Possible Stockade at the Dillard Site

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Travel with Crow Canyon: Dr. Bill Lipe's Story

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Grant Coffey, Goodman Point Video Documentation Project

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Kristin Kuckelman, Goodman Point Video Documentation Project

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Archaeology Camp with Trishna

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