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President’s Update – May 2021


We have so much to be grateful for this spring, and YOU are at the very top of our gratitude list. I am constantly moved by your contributions to our mission in the world, your participation in our webinars each week, the encouraging messages you send to our staff, and the donations you make that sustain us.

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Webinar Match Challenge


It has been just over a year since Crow Canyon launched the Discover Archaeology webinar series to stay connected with our wide community of learners at a distance. Fifty webinars later, this series is a powerful new tool to advance our mission and broaden our reach.

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Spring Newsletter


While 2020 was filled with unprecedented challenges, the staff and scholars at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center accomplished some amazing feats that furthered our mission.

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Mission Impact Moment


Sometimes it’s the little things that signal positive social change. We focus our public education efforts at Crow Canyon on raising awareness and understanding of American Indian culture, historical time depth, and contemporary vibrancy. It is important to our Native advisors and partners that we emphasize that archaeological sites are not seen as “ruins” by descendant communities. These sites are still inhabited by the spirits of the ancestors, and they are important to maintaining Native cultural continuity in the present and future.

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Crow Canyon Events

4CLS and The Hisatsinom Chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society presents How Connected Was the Chaco World? A Social Network Perspective with Dr. Barbara Mills

Thursday, May 20th at 4 p.m. MDT

Using a social network approach, it is now possible to look at how the Chaco World was connected over its 300-year history in 50-year intervals. We will look at when Pueblo Bonito became central, the extent to which outlying great houses and great kivas were connected to each other and to Chaco Canyon, and the impact of the Aztec Complex’s ascendancy on the network.

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Revisiting Chaco Road Morphology and Meaning with Sean Field Registration

Thursday, May 27th at 4 p.m. MDT

Researchers are again turning their attention back to Chaco roads as a means of studying Chaco influence on the landscape scale. Sean Field presents new research on Chaco road morphology using remotely sensed data and revisits ideas of Chaco road utility by integrating ideas of timber importation and pilgrimage.

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Mimbres, the View from West Mexico: Aztatlán Cargo Systems and Figurative Bowl Traditions and their Influence on Classic Mimbres Ceramics, Worldview, and Social Change in Southwestern New Mexico with Dr. Michael Mathiowetz

Thursday, June 3rd at 4 p.m. MDT

Dr. Michael Mathiowetz discusses the views that Aztatlán cargo systems and “god bowls”—the antecedent of ethnographically documented Huichol cargo systems—probably served as an inspiration for Mimbres artistic traditions, worldview, and social change.

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Perishable Artifacts in the Bureau of Land Management’s Cerberus Collection: Bringing New Meaning to Unprovenienced Archaeological Materials with Dr. Laurie Webster & Diana Barg

Thursday, June 10th at 4 p.m. MDT

Currently, the BLM is working with non-Federal partner repositories across the region to curate the Cerberus Collection artifacts at museums nearest their origin to make them accessible to the local communities in areas from which they were removed. As part of this project, perishables specialist Laurie Webster worked with BLM archaeologist Diana Barg to identify and interpret 4,518 perishable artifacts.

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Touch the Past, Change the Future

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Lyle Balenquah, Crow Canyon programs and rock art 

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Visit with Respect

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A Possible Stockade at the Dillard Site

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Grant Coffey, Goodman Point Video Documentation Project

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