A Jaunt Through Time: A Cultural Context of SE Utah

This event is brought to you by the Bureau of Land Management, Monticello Field Office and Bears Ears National Monument in partnership with Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum.  This presentation presents a brief tour of the cultural history in San Juan County, Utah as well as an update on projects occurring on and supported by the Bureau of Land Management Monticello Field Office (BLM MFO) and Bears Ears National Monument (BENM). The cultural context will focus on settlement patterns, subsistence practices, and cultural identity. This will cover the prehistory of the region from Paleoindian to Pueblo III period as well as the historic occupation from Navajo, Ute, Mormon settlement, and mineral explorations. This presentation will create an educational foundation for upcoming presentations focused on SE Utah and highlight new archaeological research and theories. The MFO and BENM have a diverse and complex cultural history with one of the highest archaeology site densities in the United States with an average of one site for every six acres and over 30,000 recorded archaeological sites.