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Middle School Archaeology Camp
Don't just learn about archaeology. Do it! Brush away the dirt to uncover ancient pottery—and be the first person to touch that artifact in a thousand years.
June 17–23, 2018


High School Archaeology Camp
Join our research team to discover the history of the ancestral Pueblo Indians (Anasazi) of the Mesa Verde region. At this academic/science camp, you'll learn excavation and lab techniques while working alongside our archaeologists.
July 15–21, 2018


High School Field School
High School Field School students become part of our research team, working with our archaeologists at our new excavation site—a Chaco outlier. Through this in-depth summer enrichment program for teens, you can earn credit and gain experience that will look great on a college application or a resume.
June 24–July 14, 2018

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Middle School Archaeology Camp

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High School Archaeology Camp

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High School Field School

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