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Yellow Jacket Pueblo as Community Center

Chapter Contents, Artifacts

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    Processing and Disposition of Materials from Yellow Jacket Pueblo
    Additional Studies of Yellow Jacket Pueblo Artifacts
    Organization and Use of This Chapter

Unmodified Pottery Sherds
    Sherds by Ware and Type
    Sherds by Ware and Form
    White Ware Sherds by Type and Finish
    Rim Sherds by Ware and Type
    Rim Sherds by Ware and Form

Pottery Dating
    Pottery Assemblages from Architectural Blocks at Yellow Jacket Pueblo
    Estimating the Occupation Spans of Architectural Blocks
    Estimating the Periods of Occupation of Architectural Blocks
        Type and Attribute Data from Yellow Jacket Pueblo
        Calibration Dataset
    Probability-Density Analysis
    A Test of the Method Using Sites from the Calibration Dataset
    Pottery Dating Synthesis, Yellow Jacket Pueblo

Pottery Rim-Arc Analysis

Analysis of Pottery Rim Form

Modified and Shaped Sherds

Pottery Vessels

Pottery Production and Exchange
    Direct Evidence of Pottery Production
    Indirect Evidence of Intraregional Pottery Production and Exchange
        White Ware Temper Data
        Corrugated Gray Ware Temper Data
        Comparison of Temper in White Ware and Corrugated Gray Ware Vessels
    Long-Distance Pottery Exchange
        Imported Pottery by Architectural Block
        Summary of Imported Pottery by Context Group

Chipped-Stone Tools and Manufacturing Debris
    Definitions of Raw Material Categories
        Local Raw Materials
        Semilocal Raw Materials
        Nonlocal Raw Materials
    Artifact Type by Raw Material
    Projectile Points
        Inventory, Analysis Data, and Provenience
        Type by Raw Material
        Production Stage by Raw Material
    Mass Analysis of Chipped-Stone Debris
        Summary of Mass Analysis
        Flake-Size Distributions
    Raw Material Use Through Time

Nonflaked Lithic Artifacts

Bone Tools

Objects of Personal Adornment
    Catalog of Beads, Pendants, and Tubes
    Summary of Raw Materials by Context Group

Objects of Nonlocal Materials

Intrasite Analyses
    Artifact Assemblages by Architectural Block
    Box Plots of Artifact Percentages


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