The Crow Canyon Multisite Research Database
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The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center Research Database is an extensive collection of field and laboratory data generated as a result of the Center's ongoing research into prehistoric Pueblo Indian (Anasazi) culture. The database currently contains information on 20 archaeological sites in southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah that have been excavated by Crow Canyon archaeologists and participants in the Center's research and education programs. Information about additional sites will be made available as excavations and analyses continue.

The database is divided into four sections:
    Field Data: Provenience, architecture, masonry, and feature data
    Analysis Data: The results of a wide variety of artifact and ecofact analyses
    Maps: Plan maps, stratigraphic profiles, and architectural cross sections
    Photographs: Field and laboratory photographs, including selected artifact photos

The database allows users to access information for individual sites or for multiple sites simultaneously. Click on the "Getting Started" button to learn more about the database and how to use it.

This project was paid for in part by a State Historical Fund grant from the Colorado Historical Society.
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