Legacy Projects

Crow Canyon’s legacy was built on the idea that the public could play an integral role in advancing knowledge of the human experience.

Communities through Time was a regional research project that examined the development and depopulation of Ancestral Pueblo communities in the Mesa Verde archaeological region from A.D. 900 to 1300, incorporating data gathered at the residential, community, and regional levels.

Goodman Point Community Project

Legacy Project


The Goodman Point Archaeological Project builds on the preceding community studies and involves excavations at the large village of Goodman Point Pueblo and surrounding smaller sites.

The Village Ecodynamics Project

Legacy Project


The Village Ecodynamics Project (VEP) is an award-winning multidisciplinary collaboration among researchers at several different institutions to study the interaction between Ancestral Pueblo people and their environment over more than a thousand years, beginning in A.D. 600.

Shared Historical Landscapes Project

Legacy Project


A K–12 curriculum that integrates project-based, interdisciplinary, STEAM, and experiential learning in the classroom, in the field, and online. Students gain an appreciation for the natural and cultural diversity that has played such an important role in regional, state, and national history.

Yellow Jacket Pueblo

Legacy Project


Crow Canyon’s research at Yellow Jacket Pueblo (Site 5MT5) was conducted as part of the Village Testing Project to better understand regional settlement patterns.

Sand Canyon Archaeological Project

Legacy Project


The Sand Canyon Archaeological Project studied settlement in the Sand Canyon locality, focusing on the A.D. 1000–1290 period.

The Village Mapping Project

Legacy Project


In 1993, the Village Mapping Project was initiated to obtain detailed surfacial information about Pueblo II–III villages outside the Sand Canyon locality.

Albert Porter Pueblo

Legacy Project


The overarching goal of the Albert Porter Pueblo Project was to reconstruct the historic development of the village and the associated community.

The Basketmaker Communities Project

Legacy Project


A multi-faceted research and public education archaeological initiative with a focus on the history and social organization of a large Basketmaker III period (A.D. 500–750) settlement in the central Mesa Verde region and to track the long-term impacts of that settlement on later populations.

The Duckfoot Site

Legacy Project


The Duckfoot site investigation was the first major research project to be undertaken by the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center.

Woods Canyon Pueblo

Legacy Project


A test excavation project between 1994 and 1996 to further our understanding of community development during the Pueblo II and Pueblo III periods.

The Village Testing Project

Legacy Project


The Village Testing Project was designed to complement the Center’s earlier research in the nearby Sand Canyon locality.

Shields Pueblo

Legacy Project


Shields Pueblo contributed to our understanding of the nature and timing of population aggregation in the central Mesa Verde region.

Castle Rock Pueblo

Legacy Project


The Castle Rock Pueblo Project took place between 1990 and 1994, and focused on the conditions of regional depopulation in the late 1200s.