"It’s not what you find, it’s what you find out."
—David Hurst Thomas

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K’uuyemugeh as a Center Place

September 23, 2021

Pueblo people today often refer to their home village as their center place, and this concept is also routinely applied to ancestral sites. What does a center place look like from an archaeological perspective? In this talk, Dr. Ortman combines Tewa

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Ask an Archaeologist

September 30, 2021

Hosted by Dr. Liz Perry, Chief Executive Officer; Dr. Jonathan Dombrosky, Postdoctoral Scholar; Dr. Benjamin Bellorado, Laboratory Director; Dr. Kelsey Reese, Research Associate; and Tim Wilcox, Research Associate. This is your opportunity to ask five Crow

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Over the past two years, Crow Canyon Postdoctoral Scholar Michelle Turner has been working with our lab archaeologists to analyze thousands of artifacts from the Wallace great house. Wallace, one of the four great houses in the Lakeview Community, is a few

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