Dedicated. Passionate. Resilient.

Each staff member contributes unique perspectives and experiences that advance Crow Canyon’s mission. Collectively, we are committed to inspire ourselves and others to learn.

Carla Hoehn

Chief Financial Officer

Carla manages financial budgeting, planning, record-keeping, and reporting.

Laura Brown

Engagement Coordinator

Laura is responsible for program engagement and assisting with media efforts.

Kate Hughes

Laboratory Analyst; 2006 Intern

Kate is interested lithic and textile technologies, Southwestern and Great Basin archaeology, and public archaeology.

Grant Coffey

Research Database Manager

Grant is interested in how communities organize, evolve, and interact with each other.

Adam Kackstetter

Program Manager

Adam loves the natural world and enjoys learning, growing, breathing, and spending time with people.

Kellam Throgmorton

Field Director

Kellam is a public archaeologist whose research addresses cultural landscapes, monumentality, and political organization.

Mark Varien

Executive Vice President, Research Institute at Crow Canyon

Mark is interested in Pueblo culture history, archaeology, public education, and American Indian involvement in archaeology.

Kate Thompson

Program Manager

Kate is an adventure-travel coordinator and guide, with a passion for river corridors and backcountry wilderness.

Tyson Hughes

Education Manager

Tyson oversees a team of experienced educators, develops curricula for students of all ages, and is a talented flintknapper.

Elizabeth (Liz) M. Perry

President & CEO; 1995 Education Intern

Liz is the President and CEO of Crow Canyon. She joined the Board in 2016 and was hired as CEO in January 2018. Liz works closely with the Board to oversee finances, programming, and long-term strategic planning.

David Boyle

Program Manager

David is a program manager and a believer in the power of place and story.

Tammy DuFrene

Kitchen Manager

Tammy is the Chef who oversees kitchen operations, and provides delicious meals for all our campus visitors.

Judy Dove

Human Resources Manager

Judy monitors compliance and best practices for Crow Canyon, and onboards new employees.

Jamie Merewether

Collections Manager

Jamie is interested in material culture and what it can tell us about life in the past.

Paul Ermigiotti


Paul is interested in natural history, pottery replication, corn domestication and its importance in Pueblo culture.

Sarah Pretzer

Major & Planned Gifts Officer

Sarah works with visionary friends who want to help ensure the vitality and future of the organization.

Johnny Walker

Facilities Director; 2008 Field Intern

Johnny has a background in archaeology and sustainable building, and loves to imagine where Crow Canyon will be in ten years.

Jen Peeso

Advancement Specialist

Jennifer provides guidance on strategic fundraising and stewardship plans to effectively meet donor-funded goals for Crow Canyon.

Susan Ryan

Chief Mission Officer

Susan is a scientist who researches the built environment and community formation in the ancient Southwest.

Steve Copeland

Field Archaeologist

Steve enjoys teaching aspects of archaeological investigations in the field.

Jeremy Grundvig

2021 Education Intern; Mission Associate;

Jeremy studies Geographic Information Sciences at the University of Arizona and is interested in spatial correlations between agriculture, trade and architecture in the ancient Southwest.

Jonathan Dombrosky

2021–2022 Postdoctoral Scholar; Research Associate; 2015 Field Intern

Jon is a zooarchaeologist broadly interested in human-environment interactions from the past to the present.

Susan Montgomery

Project Assistant; Lab Volunteer

Susan is a Crow Canyon Earthwatch alumna and experimental potter interested in the archaeology of southwestern peoples.

Robbin Laws

System Administrator

Robbin is responsible for managing, troubleshooting, and updating hardware and software to minimize downtime and keep our IT systems secure.

Rebecca (Becky) Hammond

Educator and American Indian Outreach Manager; 1991 Lab Intern

Becky is an experienced educator, founding member of the Native American Advisory Group, and a talented beader.

Jeanne Becker

Development Manager

Jeanne processes all donations, manages special events, coordinates Board activities, and organizes Crow Canyon’s Advancement efforts.

Shawn K. Collins

Database and Enrollment Manager

Shawn preserves data integrity and manages program enrollment in our customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Tayler Hasbrouck

Community Outreach Manager

Tayler helps people forge bonds with diverse peoples through travel and experiential education.

EJ White


EJ oversees payroll, receivables and payables and works with department heads on grant budgets and financial reporting.

Melissa Thate

Maintenance Technician

Fixes all the things. Enjoys helping people. No project too big or too small. Need something, just ask. Will help you with anything at all.

Ben Bellorado

Laboratory Director; 2017 Lister Fellow

Ben is an archaeologist with a keen interest in how textiles, textile imagery, tree-rings, and pottery reveal clues about social identities.

Sarah Payne

Chief Outreach Officer

Sarah manages media, outreach, and communication efforts, and oversees Cultural Explorations.