Crow Canyon

The Zuni Kiva Project

Zuni children

"The less information we know about ourselves, the more difficult it is to proceed into the future as Zunis.”
Dan Simplicio, Zuni Tribal Member and Cultural Specialist,
Crow Canyon

Access to the past—a path to the future

At Zuni Pueblo, kiva ceremonies serve as a way to learn about origins, lifeways, and history—but the six kivas at Zuni are at risk. Three are in disrepair and three are overused and deteriorating. Repairing the kivas and revitalizing the kiva ceremonies is essential to preserving Zuni culture for future generations.

You can help by supporting the Zuni Kiva Renovation and Revitalization Project. Help us meet our initial goal of $50,000 to rebuild or repair kiva walls, replace or repair roofs, roof-entry ladders, stucco, doors, and windows, add rooms to make and store religious items and clothing, and add bathrooms.

The project represents a vital first step in a new partnership between the Zuni Tribe and Crow Canyon to address high-priority culture continuation projects. In addition to providing the Pueblo with a much needed benefit, the project will invigorate and enhance Crow Canyon’s programs and strengthen ties between and past and the present.