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Chief Outreach Officer

Sarah Payne

Sarah Payne (B.A., Anthropology, University of Colorado) first visited Crow Canyon as an archaeology program participant when she was still in high school; being part of the Castle Rock Pueblo excavation set her on the path to her eventual career. After college, she worked as an archaeologist for the Post-Fire Assessment Team at Mesa Verde National Park. A Crow Canyon staff member for more than 15 years, Sarah became Director of Cultural Explorations in 2014 and Chief Outreach Officer in 2019. She believes that travel can change the way you see the world.


Explorations Coordinators

Explorations coordinators are responsible for trip development, logistics, and the safety and comfort of participants while in the field.

David Boyle David Boyle (M.A., Adventure Education, Prescott College) joined Crow Canyon as an explorations coordinator in 2014. Before that, he worked with at-risk populations in wilderness therapy programs throughout the United States, including six years in the deserts of Utah and the mountains of Colorado. A believer in the power of place and story, David says that the richest experiences are gained by witnessing the landscape, hearing the archaeological story, and learning from Native American insights and history.


Kate ThompsonKate Thompson (M.S., Soil Science, Montana State University) pursued multiple careers in cartography, geoarchaeology, wilderness guiding, and professional photography, then turned to Crow Canyon for new horizons. An explorations coordinator since 2012, she has designed and led many trips through hidden corners of the Southwest. River trips and backcountry hiking are among her favorite outdoor adventures. Internationally, Kate has led Crow Canyon groups to Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico.


Adams Bio photo

Adam Kackstetter joined the Cultural Explorations team in 2019 after spending 15 years in service to America’s Public Lands. He spent many summers at 10,000-feet with the Park Service, building bridges and trails for the USDA Forest Service, and coordinated AmeriCorps volunteers all over Alaska. He has worked with hand tools, chainsaws, explosives, and helicopters, but he prefers people. Adam is excited to share his love and appreciation for people and history with our Crow Canyon community. He grows food in his spare time and enjoys sharing with others in the wonder and awe of the world.


Adam Kackstetter

Tayler Hasbrouck (B.S., Parks and Recreation Management, Western Carolina University) joined the Cultural Explorations team in 2019 after pursuing an assortment of jobs in the outdoor industry; she has a varied background ranging from ski patroller to dude ranch manager and is excited to return to her roots and start working closer with people! She joined the Crow Canyon team as she is fueled by a passion for nature and a desire to get people involved with their community. Tayler looks forward to working closely with a new audience and helping them forge bonds with the cultures and history that she feels fervent about!

"My Crow Canyon experiences have given me a living involvement with the history and culture of the Southwest indigenous peoples … and a profound connection with the beauty of their world."
Steven, 2015

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