NEH Testimonials (2019)

“This was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. I have learned so many incredible things about ancestral and modern Pueblo culture. I plan to propose an eighteen-week elective course with a six-week focus on Pueblo Culture and archaeology using the knowledge that I gained during this experience.”

“The experience changed the way that I will teach the native cultures of the Southwest. Before this institute, I taught this region as one group and did not acknowledge the 21 various tribes that reside in this region, with different traditions, language and other ways of life. This institute made me aware of the various voices that had been absent in my teaching before.”

“The program was mind bending and life changing. The need to work with concepts from different voices, most importantly those immediately represented is more critical to me than ever. I can't begin to thank our Native Scholars enough for opening up their lives to us.”

“The experience was overall overwhelmingly positive and enriching from start to finish. The scope and sequencing of the institute facilitated our learning and understanding in meaningful ways. The ways that the institute was planned and organized could not have been more well done. My teaching will be affected in a wide variety of ways—from direct classroom instruction and unit planning, to collaborations with state and district colleagues, to my own future planning of cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural resources for our students and teachers.”