Stipend and Expectations

Participating in an NEH summer program brings certain benefits and expectations.


Each participant will receive a $1,300 stipend for the duration of the one-week Workshop. The stipend is intended to help cover technology needs, child care, and other expenses. Stipends are taxable.

Those who, for any reason, do not complete the full tenure of the Workshop will receive a reduced stipend.


Attendance: It is mandatory that NEH participants attend and fully participate in the scheduled activities for which the stipend was awarded during the announced period of the program. A stipend recipient may not accept a teaching assignment or undertake another major activity during the tenure of the award. Those who, for any reason, do not complete the full tenure of the program will receive a reduced stipend.

Dismissal from the Program: All NEH participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. This requires a respectful attitude toward fellow participants, faculty, Native scholars, guest lecturers, and others in all settings. Unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated and egregious or repeated violations of this principle will be considered grounds for dismissal from the program at the discretion of the Project Director. Reasons for dismissal may include, but are not limited to, repeated absences from scheduled activities, disruptive, offensive, and/or threatening behaviors.

Consult the NEH Principles of Civility, here: https://www.neh.gov/grants/principles-civility

Evaluation: All participants are required to evaluate their experience and report on their activities and accomplishments under the award. Participants will report at the end of the program on online forms provided by NEH.