Crow Canyon

Pueblo Advisory Group

Crow Canyon’s Pueblo Advisory Group (formerly the Native American Advisory Group) was formed in 1995 for the purpose of fostering constructive dialogue between Crow Canyon staff and American Indians. The individuals who make up this body—all respected members of their own communities—offer valuable advice on everything from our research designs to curriculum development and educational outreach.

Pueblo Advisory Group Members

Marie Reyna     Taos Pueblo, New Mexico
Gary Roybal     San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico
Ed Shije     Zia Pueblo, New Mexico
Joseph Henry Suina     Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico
Chris Toya     Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico
Theresa Pasqual     Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico
Octavius Seowtewa     Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico
Stewart Koyiyumptewa     Hopi Tribe, Arizona


American Indian drummer American Indian scholar and NEH teachers in New Mexico American Indian scholar and NEH teacher conferring on institute project