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Crow Canyon's Middle School Archaeology Camp: The Place to Be for Science and Fun!

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The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center is the kind of place that once you've been here, it's like home.

In fact, several Crow Canyon's educators, archaeologists, and research associates—to say nothing of the countless other working professional archaeologists and anthropologists across the country—began their love of archaeology when they first came here as a participant in one of our teen and school programs.

And it all begins with Crow Canyon's week-long Middle School Archaeology Camp here on our beautiful 170-acre campus nestled below Sleeping Ute Mountain, just outside of Cortez, Colorado, in the heart of one of the densest concentrations of archaeological sites in the world.

As part of our Middle School camp, students 12 and up will have a summer to remember working alongside our staff of archaeologists and anthropologists both in the field and in the lab. They'll learn excavation techniques as they help uncover the ancient past at the Haynie site—a collection of ancient great houses east of Cortez built by ancestral Pueblo people over 800 years ago. Then they will work with our archaeologists in the lab to identify and learn more about the artifacts they discover in the field as they help tell the story of the people who called this part of the country home for thousands of years.

In addition, there are visits to the famous cliff dwellings at nearby Mesa Verde National Park—a UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as hands-on lessons on hunting with an atlatl, weaving on a loom, and making fire with a bow drill.

But mostly, of course, it's about fun—as the young campers make awesome memories that will last a lifetime with kids from across the nation.

There's still time to sign up for this summer's Middle School Archaeology Camp—which runs from June 16-22. But space is limited and spots are filling up fast! For more information about this and all of our highly-rated teen summer camps, click here or call 800-422-8975, ext. 455.

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