Crow Canyon

Inspiring Students Project

The Inspiring Students Project, launched in January 2014 and seeded by a $1 million donation from the King Family Foundation, began as informal partnerships between Pueblo communities and the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center. The project focuses on issues that Pueblo people themselves have identified as priorities: preserving their native languages, cultures, and histories; providing culturally relevant educational experiences that inspire students to succeed academically and professionally; and creating more economic opportunities within Pueblo communities.

In 2015, Dr. Sharon Milholland, director of Crow Canyon’s American Indian initiatives department, worked with the Native American Advisory Group and Crow Canyon’s staff and Board of Trustees to develop a strategic vision and implementation and sustainability plans for the American Indian initiatives department.

Active programs include partnerships with the Leadership Institute at the Santa Fe Indian School, the Zuni Kiva Renovation and Revitalization Project (a partnership with the Zuni Tribe), and support for the Native American Advisory Group and the American Indian initiatives department’s summer intern.

Photo of high school students from Santa Ana Pueblo.

On a 2011 school trip to Crow Canyon, high school students from Santa Ana Pueblo learn about Pueblo history where that history happened.