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Mesa Verde National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in southwestern Colorado. It is the ancestral homeland of many present-day Native peoples whose communities are now located in New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona. The park oversees more than 4,000 known archaeological sites. The cliff dwellings are some of the most notable and best preserved sites in the United States.

The Haynie site contains two Chaco–period (A.D. 1050–1140) great houses as well as evidence of substantial earlier occupations. All are part of the larger Lakeview group, which includes the two great houses at the Haynie site and two others nearby on private land. Although the Haynie site contains some of the most important archaeological information in the Mesa Verde region, we are still learning about its occupation and how it functioned within the larger community and Chaco regional system. The data we are in the process of gathering with volunteers and participants will dramatically increase our understanding of Chaco influence in the Mesa Verde region, changing human/environment relationships during the A.D. 1130–1180 drought, and the emergence and functioning of community centers through time. The research at the Haynie site will, in turn, tie into data Crow Canyon has collected over the past 38 years.