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The following timelines mark significant, but selected, developments and events in Pueblo Indian history as documented in the archaeological and historical records. The timelines do not pretend to represent the perspectives of Pueblo people, who have their own approaches to remembering, documenting, and interpreting events important to them. For Pueblo perspectives on their history and culture, see Voices.

The timelines are not grouped by archaeological periods, because the date ranges for periods vary from region to region in the Pueblo Southwest. If you would like to approximately correlate the events presented in the timelines with archaeological time periods, see the Pecos Classification for one example.

For the locations of the various regions discussed in the timelines, view the accompanying map


timeline paleoindian breznau timeline jk hovenweep02 timeline acoma bell
Timeline 1
13,000–500 B.C.
Timeline 2
500 B.C.–A.D. 1540
Timeline 3
A.D. 1540–the Present


Partial funding for the timelines provided by the National Science Foundation. Timelines created with TimelineJS software; source code available under terms of Mozilla Public License 2.0.

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