Crow Canyon

Manuals & Guides

Crow Canyon archaeologists and associates have developed a number of manuals and guides designed to promote consistency in excavation, analysis, and recording. In addition, the procedures and protocols documented in these publications allow people unfamiliar with our systems to better understand and evaluate the research results reported in our site reports and databases.

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Laboratory Manual

A thorough treatment of Crow Canyon’s laboratory procedures, including artifact classification and cataloging, pottery analysis, stone-tool analysis, and records management.

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Archaeobotanical Analysis

An explanation of the types of plant samples collected by Crow Canyon archaeologists and the methods used to process and analyze them.

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Identification Criteria for Plant Remains

Two databases that present descriptions and photographs useful in the identification of ancient plant remains collected from ancient Pueblo (Anasazi) sites excavated by Crow Canyon.

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Plant Use by Native Peoples of the American Southwest

A database that summarizes the ethnographically documented uses of plants found in archaeological sites in the Four Corners area (suitable for both professional and general audiences).

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