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About Us


The mission of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center is to empower present and future generations by making the human past accessible and relevant through archaeological research, experiential education, and American Indian knowledge.


At the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, we believe that the study of the past is an intrinsically worthwhile endeavor that creates more informed and sustainable societies. Through a better understanding of human history, we discover what the past can teach us about the challenges we face today as a society.

The focus of Crow Canyon's research is the ancestral Pueblo occupation of the Mesa Verde region in southwestern Colorado. Through well-designed archaeological research—in both the field and the laboratory—Crow Canyon has contributed to some of the most important new understandings in Southwestern archaeology in more than three decades. Assisted by thousands of students and adults enrolled in Crow Canyon research programs, we have conducted excavations at more than 30 ancient sites.


Crow Canyon's educational philosophy is grounded in the belief that everyone's history matters. Crow Canyon's award-winning experiential education programs for schools include one-day field trips and overnight programs lasting from two to five days. In addition, Crow Canyon offers three different summer camps for middle and high school students and programs for adult lifelong learners.

All our school and teen programs include hands-on activities that bring the past to life and articulate with national curriculum standards. Many programs actively engage students in real archaeological research in the field and/or the laboratory. The Crow Canyon curriculum was developed in consultation with American Indians, ensuring that their cultural perspectives are represented and respected.

American Indian Initiatives

Crow Canyon partners with American Indians to enrich our understanding of past and present American Indian cultures and to share that knowledge with others. Working closely with our Pueblo Advisory Group and other American Indian communities, the Center seeks to broaden and enrich the perspectives gained through archaeological research, incorporate indigenous voices into its education curriculum, and initiate projects that are culturally relevant and directly benefit American Indian communities in the Southwest.

Awards & Recognition

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Crow Canyon's contributions to American archaeology and education have been widely recognized by numerous professional and governmental entities.

Awards and Recognition