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Mobile Learning Lab

Education is at the heart of Crow Canyon’s mission. Your support over the years has helped us connect learners of all ages to the deep history of southwestern Colorado. Our hands-on approach builds a sensory connection to the past and fosters a sense of reverence and respect for Indigenous cultures. Students come alive when they discover the beauty of a pottery sherd, smell a sage branch, or learn to throw an atlatl.

The last two years have challenged our educators to develop new and innovative ways to reach students who are no longer able to come to the Crow Canyon campus. Even with the waning of the pandemic, there are many rural, underserved, and tribal schools that are unable to travel due to cost, time, family responsibilities of the teachers and students, and school regulations.

In response to this need to bring the Crow Canyon experience to learners in their home communities, we are asking for your support in retrofitting a Crow Canyon van into a Mobile Learning Lab. Seats will be replaced with interior spaces for activities, displays, and “hotspot” Wi-Fi connections. Exterior spaces, protected from the weather by vinyl awnings, will be easily set-up with videos, inquiry lessons, and interactive activities. Exterior spaces, protected from the weather by vinyl awnings, will be easily set-up with videos, inquiry lessons, interactive activities, displays, and “hotspot” Wi-Fi connections.

Please donate today! Your support of the Mobile Learning Lab will:

  • Bring experiential learning opportunities to students in their home communities.
  • Make the human past accessible and relevant to students in rural and tribal communities.
  • Engage students with interactive activities, using hotspot Wi-Fi connections.
  • Provide opportunities for Indigenous teachers to share their knowledge of traditional languages, cultural traditions, and oral history at locations close to their home communities.
  • Provide a diverse set of indoor and outdoor educational opportunities that embrace the different learning styles of K–12 students.

In addition to schools, the Mobile Learning Lab will travel to student career fairs, conferences, county fairs, farmer’s markets, and libraries, building awareness of Crow Canyon’s mission and inspiring students of all ages to learn about the value of Indigenous cultures – past and present.

“It is rewarding to see students go on to pursue advanced education, particularly in archaeology, as a result of their experiences with us. I think of Alex, an at-risk teen we worked with recently, who had decided not to apply to college. After he participated in one of our programs, he decided that college was worth a second look. He was able to visualize the benefits of furthering his education beyond high school.” —Tyson Hughes, Education Manager

Recurring Gift Program

Your participation and support helps Crow Canyon Archaeological Center become an international leader in archaeological research through its educational outreach and integration of Native American perspectives in all that we do.

Spreading out your donations over twelve months goes a long way in supporting the programs you love, and provides an efficient method for Crow Canyon staff to manage expenses throughout the year and reduce administrative costs. It is an easy, fast, secure, and convenient way to increase your mission impact while being budget-friendly for both you and us.

Your monthly donations will go to work immediately, ensuring that Crow Canyon staff are able to:
• Continue to conduct world-class research that benefits present and future generations
• Inspire and empower students of all ages to learn, listen, and understand across cultures
• Help society meet the challenges of our own time through better understanding of how Ancestral Pueblo people sustained communities during times of environmental and social change.

Educational resources, classroom learning modules, research publications and databases have all been made possible because of YOUR support. Students of all ages now have access to more accurate and inclusive resources that enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Through the Discover Archaeology Webinar series, people around the globe now have access to engaging and informative presentations reflecting diverse voices that contribute to our understanding of the past, present, and future.


A generous Crow Canyon trustee will match each new recurring gift with a $50 donation to Crow Canyon. Don’t wait, help us reach our goal of 100 NEW Monthly Partners and set up your recurring gift today! When you become a monthly donor, you partner with Crow Canyon in the ongoing delivery of its important mission throughout the year.

Click the button below to set up a recurring gift online. Enter a monthly amount which is comfortable for you and click on “Monthly” on the Frequency line. You will be asked for your credit card information. It’s that simple!

You can easily make changes to or cancel your gift by calling 970-564-4357 or sending an email to [email protected].

Thank you for your generous gifts and support!

“I started giving monthly during the pandemic to support Crow Canyon during a difficult period. Now I give monthly because it’s just so easy. I’m not scrambling at the end of the year to figure out how much I can donate.” — Barbara M., Chicago, Illinois

Annual Fund

Your gift to the Crow Canyon Annual Fund supports groundbreaking archaeological research, transformational education programs, and mutually beneficial partnerships with American Indians.

Find out more! View the video and read about goals and accomplishments in Crow Canyon’s most-recent annual report.

“I’ve chosen to be a sustaining donor to Crow Canyon to express my commitment to the people and work of this extraordinary organization.” — Karin S., Lafayette, CO


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