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Elevation 6400 ft (1974 m)
General Topographic Description Woods Canyon Pueblo is located on a portion of the north rim of Woods Canyon, a tributary of Yellow Jacket Canyon. The site is situated on the rim, south-facing slope, and canyon bottom and is bisected by a drainage.
Perennial Water Source(s) The streambed in the canyon bottom (Woods Canyon Creek) might have been a perennial water source at the time of occupation. The stream is partly fed by springs and seeps in the creekbed just south of, and upstream from, the site. The springs and seeps, too, were likely used during prehistoric times.
Intermittent Runoff in the drainage that bisects the site; the large side drainage east of the site; and the smaller drainages in and around the site
Water-Impoundment Features A reservoir (Site 5MT12086) lies approximately 750 m northeast of Woods Canyon Pueblo and dates from A.D. 1125 to 1175 (Wilshusen et al. 1997*1). The reservoir was probably used by the inhabitants of the pueblo. Checkdams were found in and adjacent to the main drainage of the site and may also be present in some of the peripheral drainages within the site. These checkdams are believed to have directed or slowed down the flow of water, rather than to have impounded water.
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