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Site Number 5MT5
History of the Site Name Site is named for one of the canyons that bound the site. The canyon was named for the yellow jacket wasps that frequent its springs.
Other Names
Name Comment
Newberry 1876*1:88-89
Holmes 1981*1:401
Prudden 1900*1:3
Yellow Jacket Ruins
Prudden 1900*1:3
Yellow Jacket Spring Ruin
Fewkes 1919*1:16-17
Square Mug House
Hurst and Lotrich 1932*1:195; this name referred only to the architectural block that Crow Canyon called the "great tower compex."
Yellow Jacket Ruin
Lange et al. 1986*1:14-15
Yellowjacket Ruin
Wheat 1984*1:61
Yellowjacket Pueblo
The Archaeological Conservancy The Archaeological Conservancy
Site Type Habitation (with public architecture)
Site Boundary Description The east boundary is the bottom of an adjacent canyon. The west boundary is formed by the bottom of a separate drainage. The south boundary is formed by the confluence of the creeks in those two drainages. The north boundary is formed by a concentration of cultural material that was originally recorded as Site 5MT5771. The northeast boundary is formed by a line between the great tower complex and Site 5MT5771.
Site Size Approximately 100 acres
Site Composition and Layout
Cultural Affiliation and Date Range of Occupation
General Location 14 miles northwest of Cortez, along Colorado Highway 491 (formerly Highway 666), Montezuma County
Ownership, Stewardship Large portion owned by The Archaeological Conservancy; remainder owned by other private landowners
Years of Crow Canyon Excavation April 1995 through October 1997
Percent Excavated by Crow Canyon .04 percent.
Permits State of Colorado Archaeological Permits were obtained to conduct archaeological excavations

Permit Comments
State of Colorado Permit to conduct archaeological excavations
State of Colorado Permit to conduct archaeological excavations
State of Colorado Permit to conduct archaeological excavations
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