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The Sand Canyon Pueblo Database includes a wide variety of field and laboratory data generated as a result of Crow Canyon's research (for a detailed explanation of the contents and underlying organization of the database, click on "Database Contents," upper right button). This database is intended to be used in conjunction with the interpretive site report. For all artifact pages, buttons with the "Null" sign indicate no data are available either because no artifacts were collected or artifacts that were collected were not analyzed. To begin searching the Sand Canyon Pueblo database, click on the site map or any of the links below.

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Kivas - Information on 24 kivas.

Kiva Corner Rooms - Information on 15 kiva corner rooms.

Rooms - Information on 72 rooms.

Middens - Information on 7 refuse deposits.

Extramural Surfaces - Information on 5 outdoor surfaces.

Cultural Deposits - Information on 14 other cultural deposits.

Noncultural Deposits - Information on 18 noncultural deposits.

Void - Information on 1 void


Site Overview - Site size, location, composition, layout, and dates of occupation; site ownership and permit information

History of Investigations - A brief history of research at the site

Physiography - Elevation, topography, and water sources

Field Methods - Grid orientation, mapping techniques, surface indications, disturbed areas, the collection of dating and ecofact samples, and more


Maps - All maps, by map type

Photos - All photographs for this site are available in the multisite research database accessed by this link.

Tree-Ring Dating Results - Dating results

Stem-and-Leaf Plots - Visual summary of tree-ring dates, by study unit

Dating - Site-wide dating information

All Excavation Units - Information on 16 excavation units.

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