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Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

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1 Provenience Designation System
4 Provenience Designation Catalog
5 Provenience Designation Form
6 Provenience Designation Form Codes and Instructions
15 Study Unit Catalog
16 Study Unit Form
17 Feature Catalog
18 Feature Form
20 Feature Form Instructions
23 Feature Types
26 Excavating Surfaces
27 Point Location Catalog
28 Point Location Catalog Instructions
30 Masonry Form
32 Masonry Form Instructions
34 Guidelines for Recording Stratigraphic Profiles
36 Stratigraphic Description Form
37 Stratigraphic Description Form Instructions
44 Crow Canyon Archaeological Center's Policy on the Treatment of Human Remains and Associated Funerary Artifacts
48 Human Remains Occurrence Form
50 Human Remains Occurrence Form Instructions
52 Guidelines for Collecting Tree-Ring Samples
54 Film and Photo Procedures
55 Photographic Record Form
56 Field Inventory Form
57 Field Inventory Form Instructions
58 Glossary of Architectural Terms
66 Total Station Datum Table
67 Total Station Field Notes Form
68 Participant Note Form
70 References Cited
Table and Figure List
41 Table 1. Characteristics of Major Sediment Textural Classes
42 Figure 1. Flow diagram for determining sediment texture on the basis of ribboning and grittiness
43 Figure 2. Sediment texture triangle
61 Figure 3. Masonry wall attributes
62 Figure 4. Wall cross-section types
63 Figure 5. Wall footings and foundations
64 Figure 6. Mortar forms
65 Figure 7. Roof construction elements