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Introduction to the Site
Research Design
Castle Rock Pueblo in a Regional Context
Settlement Organization
Population Estimates
Faunal Remains
Plant Evidence
Rock Art
The Final Days of Castle Rock Pueblo
Oral History
A Native American Perspective

Chapter Contents, Artifacts

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    Processing of Artifacts in the Laboratory
    Definitions of Analytic Categories
    Disposition of Materials
        Destructive Analysis
    Additional Studies of Castle Rock Pueblo Artifacts
    Organization and Use of This Report

    Unmodified Sherds
        Total Inventory
        By Ware and Type
        Dating the Occupation of Castle Rock Pueblo Using Assemblage Type Data
        By Ware and Form
        By Type and Finish
        Rim Sherds
        By Ware and Type
        By Ware and Form
        Counts by White Ware Type and Form
        Weights by White Ware Type and Form
        Size Distributions for White Ware Bowl Rim Sherds
        By Form and Finish
        Summary of Pottery Sherd Analysis
    Modified and Shaped Sherds
        Inventory by Type
    Pottery Vessels
        Inventory by Form and Ware
        Vessel Analysis Data
        Vessel Provenience Data
    Functional Analysis
        Vessel Size Classes
        Sand Canyon Pueblo Vessels
        Maximum Diameter vs. Volume for White Ware Bowls
        Rim Diameter vs. Volume for Corrugated Jars
        Volumetric Relationships among Vessel Size Classes
        Rim-Arc Data
        White Ware Bowls, White Ware Ladles, and Corrugated Jars, Castle Rock Pueblo
        White Ware Bowls, Sand Canyon Locality Sites
        White Ware Bowl Rim Sherd Weight Distributions, Sand Canyon Locality Sites
        White Ware Bowl Rim Sherd Size Distributions, Sand Canyon Locality Sites
        Corrugated Jars, Sand Canyon Locality Sites
        Corrugated Jar Sherd Size Distributions, Sand Canyon Locality Sites
        Exterior Paint on White Ware Bowls, Sand Canyon Locality Sites
        Summary of Functional Analysis
    Pottery Production and Exchange
        Direct Evidence of Pottery Making
        Polishing Stones
        Raw Materials
        Potting Clay and Unfired Sherds
        Other Clay Artifacts
        Local Pottery Exchange
        Temper Data
        Igneous-Tempered White Wares in Late Pueblo III Sites
        Fall-off Pattern of Igneous-Tempered White Wares, Late Pueblo III Sites
        Long-Distance Pottery Exchange
        Catalog of Nonlocal Pottery Sherds
        Distribution of Nonlocal Sherds by Study Unit
        Nonlocal Sherds from Other Sites in Southwestern Colorado

Chipped-Stone Tools and Manufacturing Debris
    Definitions of Raw Material Categories
        Local Raw Materials
        Semilocal Raw Materials
        Nonlocal Raw Materials
    Artifact Type vs. Raw Material
        By Count
        By Percentage
    Raw Materials in Tools and Manufacturing Debris
        By Count
        By Percentage
    Analysis of Bifaces, Points, and Drills
        Catalog, Analysis Data, and Provenience
        Form vs. Raw Material
        Production Stage vs. Raw Material

Ground-Stone Tools
        Artifact Category vs. Raw Material
        Artifact Category vs. Condition
    Functional Analysis of Two-Hand Manos
        Grinding Strokes
        Wear Management
        Reduction Sequence
        Material Grade vs. Number of Grinding Surfaces
        Condition vs. Number of Grinding Surfaces
        Condition vs. Material Grade
        Number of Surfaces Parallel to Grain of Stone
        Widths of Adjacent Grinding Surfaces
        Summary of Functional Analysis

Pecked and Polished Stone Tools
    Polished Igneous Slabs and Polishing/Hammerstones
    Axes and Mauls

Other Modified Stones and Minerals
    Modification vs. Raw Material

Unmodified Stones and Minerals
    Inventory by Raw Material

Animal Remains
    Distribution of Animal Remains by Study Unit

Worked Bone Tools
    Inventory by Type and Condition

Objects of Nonlocal Materials
    Catalog of Stone and Shell Objects
    Provenance of Nonlocal Stone, Shell, and Pottery Objects

Objects of Personal Adornment
    Catalog of Beads, Pendants, and Tubes
    Summary of Raw Materials

Probability Sample
    Prior vs. Posterior Stratification
        Comparison of Sampling Intensities
        Definition of Posterior Stratification
        Correspondence Table for Probability Excavation Units
        Comparison of Excavation Unit Assignments
        Comparison of Sherd Weights by Stratum
        Probability Samples
        Comparison of Stratum Standard Deviations for Common Artifact Categories
        Comparison of Variances for Common Artifact Categories
    Estimation of Artifact Population Totals
        Comparison of Population Total Estimates, Prior vs. Posterior Stratification
        Estimating the Occupation Span of Castle Rock Pueblo
        Estimating the Year of Abandonment

Intrasite Analyses
    Midden Composition
        Assignment of Midden Deposits to Kiva Suites
        Depth vs. Density of Midden Deposits by Excavation Unit
        Kiva Suite Midden Assemblages
        Relative Frequencies of Common Artifact Categories in Midden Assemblages
        Box Plots of Artifact Frequencies across Kiva Suites
        Correspondence Analysis of Artifact Counts by Kiva Suite
    Abandonment of Structures
        Artifact Densities in Kiva Fills
        Abandonment Deposits Relating to Warfare

Consideration of Results in Light of the Sand Canyon Project Research Design
    Community Organization and Change

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