Paleoindian Artifacts

Paleoindian hunters kill a mammoth using wooden spears tipped with stone projectile points.

Paleoindian hunters killed their prey with wooden spears tipped with large stone points, called "projectile points."

The two best-known styles of Paleoindian projectile points are called "Clovis" and "Folsom."

Clovis point.


Clovis points were made early in the Paleoindian period. They have been found throughout North America, often with the bones of mammoths.

Folsom point.


Folsom points were made later. They are found mostly in the central and western parts of the continent, often with the bones of bison.

At a few Paleoindian sites, artifacts made of fragile animal and plant remains have been discovered. Examples of these rare artifacts include moccasins made of hides and robes made of fur. Artifacts made of plant fibers include sandals, bags, baskets, and mats.