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Research is at the core of Crow Canyon's mission.

At the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, we believe that the study of the past is an intrinsically worthwhile endeavor, one that promotes a broader and deeper appreciation for the human condition. It is through well-designed archaeological research—in both the field and the laboratory—that we gain historical and cultural perspectives not easily obtained through other disciplines.

The focus of Crow Canyon's research is the ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi) occupation of the Mesa Verde region in southwestern Colorado. Assisted by thousands of students and adults enrolled in Crow Canyon research programs, we have conducted excavations at more than 30 ancient sites, making discoveries that have contributed to some of the most important new understandings in Southwestern archaeology in the last two decades. Along the way, we have built a research tradition based on innovative investigative methods, the inclusion of American Indians in the study of their own history, and a commitment to sharing the results of our research through a series of innovative print and online publications.

Archaeological excavation and laboratory analysis.