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Research Institute Website Launched

Kyle Bocinsky — May 20, 2016
A new website for the Research Institute at Crow Canyon was launched on May 20, 2016 as a subdirectory of Crow Canyon’s main website: The Research Institute is dedicated to the belief that archaeology can address many of the challenges facing society in the twenty-first century. Institute research will expand Crow Canyon’s capacity in all three of its mission areas: long-term archaeological research, education about humans past and present, and partnerships with American Indians....

Scott Ortman wins prestigious Linda S. Cordell Prize

Kyle Bocinsky — May 17, 2016
The School for Advanced Research announced Thursday that Crow Canyon Research Associate Dr. Scott Ortman will receive the 2017 Linda S. Cordell Prize for his book Winds from the North: Tewa Origins and Historical Archaeology. SAR presents the Linda S. Cordell Prize every other year to a living author for a book in archaeology or anthropological archaeology that best exemplifies excellence in writing and significantly advances archaeological method, theory, or interpretation. The award recognizes innovative...

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Kyle Bocinsky — March 21, 2016
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