Explore the architecture and culture of Cahokia.

September 16–21, 2018

Sold out! To be placed on the waiting list, call 800.422.8975, ext. 457.  At the same time Chaco was at its height of influence, the mound-building Mississippian people were also at the zenith of their civilization in the Midwest. Explore Cahokia, the focal point of Mississippian culture in A.D. 1050. With our expert scholars, learn how Cahokia developed as a hierarchical society, evidenced by public works, mortuary practices, and material culture.


  • Explore the architecture and culture that defined Cahokia.
  • Learn about Midwestern archaeology as it relates to Chaco and Mesoamerica.
  • Find out how the Cahokia influence shadowed the outlying mound builders, helping some to thrive, and others to wither.