Public Service Ads

Crow Canyon PSA ad

Members of the media are invited to use Crow Canyon public service advertising to help share our commitment to long-term archaeological research, education programs, and collaboration with American Indians.

PDF ads are available in black-and-white and full color in a variety of sizes. If you need an ad in a specific size or format not listed here, please let us know. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with requests or questions.

Thank you for your support of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center!


4x6 PSA ad   4x6 Modular: 6.556"x 10.5" color
 4x6 Modular: 6.556"x 10.5" black & white 
 4x4 PSA ad  4x4 Modular: 6.556"x 7" color
 4x4 Modular: 6.556"x 7" black & white
 3x4 PSA ad  3x4 Modular: 4.889"x 7" color
 3x4 Modular: 4.889"x 7" black & white
 3x3 PSA ad  3x3 Modular: 4.889"x 5.25" color
 3x3 Modular: 4.889"x 5.25" black & white

1x3 PSA ad

 1x3 Modular: 1.556"x 5.25" color
 1x3 Modular: 1.556"x 5.25" black & white

1x1 PSA ad

 1x1 Modular: 1.556"x 1.75" color
 1x1 Modular: 1.556"x 1.75" black & white