June 23–July 13, 2019

Brush away the dirt to uncover a piece of ancient pottery—and be the first person to touch that artifact in nearly a thousand years. Work alongside professional archaeologists for three weeks, learning from them as you dig, map, and document your finds. Every summer, High School Field School students join our research team in southwestern Colorado, helping to discover the history of the ancestral Pueblo Indians (Anasazi).

High School Field School students become part of our research team, working with our archaeologists on the Northern Chaco Outliers Project. Through this in-depth summer enrichment program for teens, you can earn credit and gain experience that will look great on a college application or a resume.

This intensive field school program is much more than an academic/science camp. You'll learn excavation and lab techniques, then work alongside our archaeologists. You’ll dig at the Haynie site, which contains two Chaco–period (A.D. 1050–1140) great houses and numerous small houses. You’ll also wash, catalog, and analyze artifacts in our research laboratory, learn about scientific methods for dating archaeological sites, and enter data into our research database.

High School Field School also provides opportunities to learn about American Indian cultures, past and present. Explore the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Try your hand at ancient technologies, like throwing spears with an atlatl, weaving on a loom, and making pottery. And on weekends, you will take part in exciting excursions such as hiking, camping, and rafting trips.

In 2015 USA Today named our archaeology summer camps one of the 10 best adventure camps for kids.

Educational Focus

  • Pre-college archaeology and Pueblo Indian history
  • Science, math, and critical thinking
  • American Indian perspectives on archaeology
  • Service learning

For information about earning high school or college credit, see Details tab.

Incoming high school sophomores through graduated seniors may attend; students must be 15 years old by program start date.