Archaeology Internships

 The following archaeology internships are available in 2018:

Crow Canyon Research

Crow Canyon's research focuses on the ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi) occupation of the Mesa Verde region. In 2017, Crow Canyon launched the Northern Chaco Outliers Project, an investigation of an ancestral Pueblo village with two Pueblo II period (A.D. 950–1150) great houses.

The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center maintains high standards of research and scholarship. Students and adults participating in the Center's programs are closely supervised by research and education staff members in the field and the lab, ensuring a positive learning experience for them, as well as high-quality research for the profession. In addition, American Indians—many of them descendants of the ancestral Pueblo people—consult on all facets of our research, and colleagues from many other disciplines contribute their expertise to help us achieve our objectives. In such an environment, archaeology interns have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in working with, and learning from, a wide variety of people.

What Do Archaeology Interns Do?

Field interns will gain experience in some or all of the following areas:

Laboratory interns will gain experience in some or all of the following areas:

Laboratory internships will emphasize cataloging and analysis of archaeological collections, particularly pottery and stone artifacts. Interns will also have the option of working on a special project involving analysis and interpretation of artifact collections.


Applicants should meet the following requirements: