American Indian Initiatives Internships

 One American Indian Initiatives internship will be offered in 2018:

American Indian Partnerships

Crow Canyon collaborates with American Indians to enrich our understanding of past and present American Indian cultures and share that knowledge with others. Working closely with the Native American Advisory Group and other American Indians, the Center seeks to broaden and enrich the perspectives gained through archaeological research, incorporate indigenous voices in its education curriculum, and initiate research and education projects that are relevant to the concerns of American Indian communities today.

The American Indian Initiatives department collaborates with the archaeology and education departments to engage learners of all ages in an inclusive and dynamic study of the human past. Crow Canyon's education programs provide instruction in archaeology and involve the lay public and American Indian communities in the actual research process. Through Crow Canyon's programs, students of all ages gain an understanding of past and present cultures in the Mesa Verde region, archaeological research and ethics, hands-on education, and the importance of the continuation of American Indian cultures.

In 2014 Crow Canyon launched the Inspiring Students Project. This is a partnership between Pueblo communities and Crow Canyon to develop student programs focused on issues that Pueblo people themselves have identified as priorities: the preservation and continuation of their native languages, cultures, and histories; providing culturally relevant educational experiences that inspire students to succeed academically and professionally.

In 2016, Crow Canyon is proposing to add two new initiatives that are culturally relevant and directly benefit American Indian communities in the Southwest.

Principles that Guide Our Work

What Does the American Indian Initiatives Intern Do?

An American Indian initiatives intern is responsible for providing support to the American Indian Initiatives Department to enhance Crow Canyon's commitment to American Indian involvement in archaeology and education, as well as its commitment to American Indian communities. Interns are also invited to develop their own projects.

The intern will gain experience in some or all of the following areas:

Course Work and Skills Required

Applicants should meet the following requirements: