Crow Canyon's Archaeology Lab Heats Up as Winter Approaches

Crow Canyon Lab Volunteers

The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center's 2017 dig season may be over, but the lab work is just getting started as our archaeologists and dedicated volunteers painstakingly examine the thousands of artifacts collected in the field by our researchers and program participants like you.

The pottery sherds, stone flakes, and other artifacts and soil samples currently being sorted and analyzed in our lab are coming from a number of area sites representing several different periods in ancestral Pueblo history. These range from Basketmaker III (A.D. 500 to 750) material collected at the Dillard site in the Indian Camp Ranch subdivision to artifacts collected from the Ida Jean site, a Pueblo II (A.D. 900 to 1150) structure which lies just to the immediate west of the Haynie site—the primary research site for Crow Canyon's Northern Chaco Outliers Project.

After being categorized and analyzed, the artifacts will be sent to the Anasazi Heritage Center in Dolores for permanent curation.

The research is helping to give a clearer understanding of ancestral Pueblo life and culture—but it couldn't be done without the generous support of donors and program participants like you. For more information on how you can help forward our knowledge of the ancient past as a participant in Crow Canyon's unique and fun lab research program, click here.