Programs for School Groups

We teach young people how to interpret the past—because they’ll shape our future.

At Crow Canyon, we believe there’s no more powerful reason to involve students in archaeology, the study of the human past. Through our programs, students in grades 4–12 connect with that past. They examine ancient artifacts and experience age-old ways of life. And they begin to understand their own place in human history.

Crow Canyon’s award-winning experiential education programs spark young minds and young imaginations. Learning is an adventure here, whether the setting is an archaeological site, a cliff dwelling at nearby Mesa Verde National Park, or simply our high desert environment, which happens to be one of the most archaeologically rich areas in the United States.

Everyone’s History Matters

Our down-to-earth approach enables kids to experience both the scientific research process, as well as traditional American Indian perspectives.

Our approach aligns with national and state curriculum standards and a wide range of educational philosophies. Each year, we welcome a diverse array of teachers and students from urban, suburban, and rural areas; public, charter, and tribal schools; and a wide range of independent schools, including Montessori and Waldorf programs.

We offer one-day field trips and overnight programs (2–5 days) between March and November.

One-Day Field Trips

Overnight Trips


"The whole experience was really wonderful. I think the children learned a lot and had a lot of fun as well. I really appreciate everyone who works here―from the teachers to the bus driver to the cooks―attention to detail and clear enjoyment and pride in work was obvious; for us, that provides a direct impact on the experience. Marvelous!"
Korinne Akridge, teacher, Riverstone Montessori, 2012

Awards & Recognition

View of the Crow Canyon campus and Ute Mountain

Crow Canyon's contributions to American archaeology and education have been widely recognized by numerous professional and governmental entities. Read more.

Curriculum & Standards

jk 2012 PrairieRidge windows 01

Crow Canyon's programs provide experiential, integrated curriculum to cultivate 21st century skills. Read more.

Learning Centers

jk 2013 PLC Pithouse

Students "experience" another time and culture in replica Pueblo Indian structures on the Crow Canyon campus. Read more.

Daytime Activities

jk 2012 hannibal lab 04

Students actively participate in the learning process through hands-on activities and group discussion. Read more.

Evening Programs

rb 2009 David Nighteagle

When your school group stays on campus for at least one night, one or more evening programs are included in your overall program price. Read more.

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