2018 Travel Preview


RochesterPanel Utah Stories on Stone
April 8–13, 2018

Explore Utah’s canyon country while learning about rock paintings and petroglyphs. Our scholars will share important stories regarding some of the oldest and most impressive ritualistic rock imagery in the Four Corners. Find out how these iconic stories relate to ceremonial aspects of modern-day Pueblos. Scholars: Lyle Balenquah, M.A., (Hopi); Steve Simms, Ph.D.

KT Arch-Canyon-200 Backcountry Archaeology: The Bears Ears
May 7–13, 2018

The newly designated Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah includes extraordinary landscapes such as Comb Ridge, Cedar Mesa, and Elk Ridge. Venture into the backcountry, exploring the area's diverse archaeology while gaining perspectives from present-day Native cultures. Scholars: Lyle Balenquah, M.A., (Hopi); Ben Bellorado, Ph.D. candidate.
Chaco Canyon Chaco to Mesa Verde
May 21–26, 2018

Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde are integral to the history of the Four Corners area. Together they reveal a rich indigenous history of the Southwest. We'll visit ancestral Pueblo sites well away from the tourist crowds to understand how the Chaco empire influenced events that followed through the greater Mesa Verde area. Scholars: Anthony Lovato (Santa Domingo Pueblo); Kyle Bocinsky, Ph.D.
Navajo Germantown Rug 200x300

Southwest Indian Art: Origins and Revivals
June 5–11, 2018
In this exclusive art seminar, we journey through the majestic landscapes of northern New Mexico and Arizona with members of one of the oldest trading post families in the Southwest—the Tanners. Discover the origins of iconic art forms, and meet the contemporary revivalists who are keeping the traditions alive. Scholars: the Tanner family (Tanner Indian Arts).

sp 2006 -Weaving-Workshop 200x130 Navajo Weaving Workshop
July 9–14, 2018

Steeped in the traditions of Navajo weaving, our scholars are known far and wide for their exquisite Two Gray Hills textiles. Learn the art of weaving on location in Canyon de Chelly and Window Rock, while absorbing personal Navajo stories about coming of age—then create your own textile masterpiece. Scholars: Barbara Ornelas (Navajo) and Lynda Pete (Navajo).
bountiful-harves 200X130 Wild Food Adventure
August 6–11, 2018 

Learn about wild edible plants and indigenous foods from experts of the Southwest. Deepen your knowledge about nutritional cuisine and preparation and the uses of plants while creating together in the kitchen. Scholars: Katrina Blair (Turtle Lake Refuge, Durango); Norma and Hutch Naranjo (Ohkay Owingeh); chef Lois Ellen Frank (Kiowa, Red Mesa Cuisine); chef Walter Whitewater (Navajo, Red Mesa Cuisine); chef Karlos Baca.
kt Boats-on-Rogue 200x130j The Rogue River: Flowing Through Time
August 27–September 2
The Rogue River holds a cultural history defined by extraordinary resources: steelhead and salmon, clear-running emerald waters, otters, turtles, and bears. Enjoy a five-day rafting excursion with the luxury of cabin lodging at night. Scholars: Shannon Tushingham, Ph.D.; guest tribal scholars from the Confederated Tribe of Siletz Indians.

Cahokia: New Insights
September 16–21, 2018

At the same time Chaco was at its height of influence, the mound-building Mississippian people were also at the zenith of their civilization in the Midwest. Explore Cahokia, the focal point of Mississippian culture in A.D. 1050, and study the effects Cahokia had on outlier communities in the area. Scholars: Gerardo Gutierrez, Ph.D.; Steve Lekson, Ph.D.; Tim Pauketat, Ph.D.

bigstock-Painted-Desert-National-Park 200x130

Zuni Migrations
September 24–30, 2018
From the famous La Posada hotel in Winslow, day-trip to exotic landscapes to explore indigenous migrations from A.D. 1080 to 1250. At Zuni Pueblo, visit nearby rock art and ancient architecture, and then enjoy traditional Solstice dances while feasting on culinary delights. Scholars: Dan Simplicio (Zuni, Crow Canyon Archaeological Center); Kimberly Spurr, M.A.

Kayenta-&-Hohokam2 Kayenta and Hohokam Connections
October 23–29, 2018

Marvel at the complexity of platform mounds, ancient canals, and ballcourts of the Phoenix and Tucson basins. Retrace the migrations of the Kayenta people from northern Arizona to the Hohokam areas of southern Arizona while exploring archaeological and indigenous perspectives. Scholars: Doug Craig, Ph.D.; Angela Garcia-Lewis (Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community).
Mimbres archaeology Baja Rock Art
November 11–19, 2018

In the dramatic landscape of Baja Mexico thousands of brilliant paintings are preserved in caves and rock shelters. Though the culture that lived here remains a mystery to the archaeological world, oral traditions link people of the American Southwest, such as the Zuni tribe, to this area through trade and migration stories. Scholars: To be announced.
Guatemala highlands Ritual Agriculture in the Guatemala Highlands
December 1–9, 2018
Explore ritual ceremonies and traditional agricultural practices in present-day Tz’utujil, K’iché, and Kaqchiquel—Maya communities in the highlands of Guatemala. This trip offers an extraordinary experience to engage with Maya and Hopi scholars as they compare cosmologies. Scholars: Stewart Koyiyumptewa (Hopi); Bàrbara Rebeca Ajtujal.


Preview information subject to change

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