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2016 gg Green Fields Sch Pithouse

It's About Time. The Crow Canyon Pithouse Learning Center and Pueblo Learning Center introduce students to Pueblo lifestyles through time. They are powerful teaching tools. They're places to experience activities that ancestral Pueblo people did in everyday life—such as weaving or making fire. They're spaces to get a hands-on understanding of what life was like more than a thousand years ago. Through such experiences, students gain not just knowledge, but real understanding.

2017 girl PLC roundMore than 18,000 students have touched the past in our two Learning Centers since 2007—maybe you have, too? There's a sense of wonder and curiosity created by the Learning Centers. Through your support, students are transported to another space and time; they gain a real understanding of our shared human past.

We urgently need $25,000 for repairs. Exposure to the elements and years of use have taken their toll. Both Learning Centers need restoration to ensure usability—guaranteeing that thousands more students can experience the past in the years ahead.


  • Pithouse Learning Center—resurfacing the exterior, repairing the floor and interior surfaces
  • Pueblo Learning Center—fixing the roof and walls

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"When our students walk into the Pithouse and Pueblo Learning Centers for the first time, their eyes light up, and they are instantly fascinated by the space. It’s like traveling back in time to visit the household of an ancestral Pueblo family. They immediately know that they’re in a special place, and they become filled with wonder and questions."
Sean Gantt, Crow Canyon Director of Education (acting)

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