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A student learns to make pottery with methods used by the ancestral Pueblo Indians

Crow Canyon's educational philosophy is grounded in the belief that everyone's history matters.

Our particular historical focus is on the Pueblo people who inhabited the Mesa Verde region of southwestern Colorado hundreds of years ago. Also called the Anasazi, these ancient farmers are the ancestors of Pueblo Indians who today live in Arizona and New Mexico (see Southwest Archaeology Basics).

Crow Canyon's award-winning experiential education programs for schools include one-day field trips and overnight programs lasting from two to five days. In addition, Crow Canyon offers three different summer camps for middle and high school students, as well as professional development opportunities for educators.

All our programs include hands-on activities that bring the past to life and articulate with National Education Standards in science, social science, history, geography, or math. Many programs actively engage students in real archaeological research in the field and/or the laboratory. The Crow Canyon curriculum was developed in consultation with American Indians, ensuring that their cultural perspectives are represented and respected.

In addition to offering campus-based education programs, Crow Canyon also engages in distance-learning and public-outreach initiatives, provides essential resources for both students and teachers, and shares its educational philosophy, methods, and materials through a variety of print and online publications.

Students in the field