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Excavation and Lab

Join our research team! When you do archaeology with Crow Canyon, your work makes a real and lasting contribution to our understanding of the Pueblo past. Choose from hands-on archaeology (excavation and/or lab) or exciting new research seminars. A $400 deposit holds your spot.

I spent a week at the campus ... studying and replicating Mesa Verde pottery. I think I learned more in that week than I did in many years of schooling.
―Megan, Crow Canyon member since 1992; participant in 2013 Archaeology Research Seminar: Crafted in Clay

2014 Archaeology Research Program

Working side-by-side with professional archaeologists, you'll excavate at our current site and assist in artifact analyses that are vital to the reconstruction of ancient lifeways. Read more.

Weeks Open to Novices and Alumni
June 8–14, June 15–21 (see special session, below), August 31–September 6, September 21–27, 2014

Week Open to Alumni Only
October 5–11, 2014

Special Session: Archaeology as a Career
June 15–21, 2014
Do you want to be an archaeologist? If you're exploring career paths or thinking of a career change, join us for an Archaeology Research Program session designed just for you.

Tuition per Person
Novice: Member* $1,595; Nonmember: $1,720
Senior Novice (age 55+): Member* $1,550; Nonmember $1,675
Alumni: Member* $1,450; Nonmember $1,575
Super Alumni (10+ programs): $1,425
Senior Alumni (age 55+): $1,425
Super Senior Alumni (age 55+ and 10+ programs): $1,375

Archaeology Research Seminar description.

2014 Archaeology Research Seminar: From Atlatls to Bows—Prehistoric Projectile Technology

Explore the technological shift from atlatl-and-dart weaponry to the bow and arrow circa A.D. 500 in the Mesa Verde region. Includes artifact replication and experimentation. Read more.

August 24–30, 2014
Tuition per person: Member* $1,595; Nonmember $1,720




Archaeology Lab Program description

2014 Archaeology Lab Program

The 2014 Archaeology Lab Program will focus on pottery dating from the Basketmaker III period (A.D. 500–750), a pivotal time in ancestral Pueblo history. Join us as we ask: what role did pottery play during this period? Read more.

October 5–11, 2014
Tuition per person: Member* $1,595; Nonmember $1,720


* Minimum $100 membership required to receive member price.


See Terms and Conditions.



The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center's programs and admission practices are open to applicants of any race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, or sexual orientation.

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