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American Indian Initiatives and Activities

Highlights: 1995–2000


The Native American Advisory Group was established to foster dialogue between American Indians and Crow Canyon staff in matters relating to research and education.

Peter Pino (Zia Pueblo) was named to Crow Canyon’s Board of Trustees (first American Indian board member).


The Afognak Native Corporation (Kodiak, Alaska) entered into a cooperative agreement with Crow Canyon to collaborate on a wide range of projects relating to native cultural preservation.

The Native American Advisory Group instituted the annual auction of indigenous arts and crafts to raise money for American Indian activities at the Center (held during the fall annual meeting).


Navajo-Ute flute player R. Carlos Nakai gave the first benefit concert to raise funds for Crow Canyon scholarships for local and American Indian students.

Crow Canyon collaborated with the Afognak Native Corporation in offering a Cultural Explorations tour of the Kodiak Archipelago of Alaska.


Members of the Native American Advisory Group collaborated with staff in the writing of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center human remains policy, which appears in the Field Manual (approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees).


Crow Canyon educator and Native American Advisory Group member Rebecca Hammond (Ute Mountain Ute) and educator Margie Connolly presented papers at the Chacmool Conference, “Indigenous People and Archaeology,” in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Native American Advisory Group member Marie A. Reyna (Taos Pueblo) authored a chapter titled "A Native American Perspective" in The Archaeology of Castle Rock Pueblo: A Thirteenth-Century Village in Southwestern Colorado, edited by Kristin A. Kuckelman.

The Native American Endowment (now the American Indian Initiatives Endowment) was established to support a wide variety of activities related to American Indian initiatives at the Center.


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