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Arbitrary Unit 1031, noncultural

No Construction Data

No Feature Data

No Artifact Data

No Tree-Ring Dates

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ABOUT THIS STUDY UNIT No Surfaces No Masonry
General Location Southeastern portion of site.
Specific Location Northwest of Architectural Block 200; 440N 572E.
Selection Criteria Auger hole placed to test resistivity anomaly.
Auger hole was excavated in the location of a resistivity anomaly to confirm the presence of a pitstructure.
Not applicable.
Postabandonment Processes
Not applicable.
Date range 22 (A.D. –)
Dating of Construction
A date could not be assigned to this feature due to a limited amount of testing.
Dating of Remodeling
Not applicable.
Dating of Abandonment
Not applicable.
Dating of Midden
Not applicable.
Dating of Reuse
Not applicable.

In order by excavation unit number.
Excavation Unit 265
Location Auger test unit 440N 572E. Southeastern portion of the site. Northwest portion of Architectural Block 200.
Selection Criteria Judgmental. Auger hole placed to test resistivity anomaly.
Excavation Strategy Full cut.
Unit Ends at Other.Auger hit sandstone at 65 cm.
Study Unit(s) Identified in this Excavation Unit
Study Unit Type Study Unit Number Study Unit Description
Arbitrary Unit
Data and maps showing details of stratigraphy for this excavation unit are available here.
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