"Abandonment and Emigration," by Melissa J. Churchill

Table 1. Summary of Tested Kivas at Woods Canyon Pueblo

Structure No. Location of Excavation Unit Latest Tree-Ring Datea Floor Assemblage Weight (g) Floor
De Facto
Refuse (count)
Roof Treatment Midden in Fill Above Roof Fall? Architecture
Canyon Bottom
1-S northwest quadrant none 9.3 bone tube unburned, salvaged maybe earthen and masonry
2-S central/north-central none 427.6 none exposed unburned, salvaged no
3-S central/north-central none 88.6 awl, core, projectile point unburned, salvaged no
9-S north half none 9.4 none exposed unburned, salvaged no earthen and masonry
Canyon Rim, Upper West Side, East Talus Slope
4-S southwest quadrant none 7,868.8 mano, abrader, awl, axe, partial/ reconstructible vessels (2) burned and salvaged no masonry
5-S central/north-central 1143vv 10,378.7 metate, partial vessel burned and salvaged no
6-S central none 742.1 mano unknown no
7-S northwest quadrant 1257+B 3,021.4 awls (2), mano, bone scraper, stone disk burned and salvaged maybe masonry
8-S central/north-central none 163.4 none exposed burned and salvaged no masonry
13-S not excavated 1271vv masonry
a Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research date symbols:
B = bark is present.
vv = there is no way of estimating how far the last ring is from the true outside; many rings may be lost.
+ = one or a few rings may be missing near the outside whose presence or absence cannot be determined because the series does not extend far enough to provide adequate cross dating.
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