Pueblo II Food


During the Pueblo II period, people continued to grow corn, beans, and squash.

To help them through times of drought, Pueblo farmers also began building small dams and reservoirs. These helped the people catch and store rainwater and melted snow that could be used to water their crops.

Domesticated turkeys.


Pueblo people during this time began eating domesticated turkey. They were a good source of meat protein.

What other domesticated animal did Pueblo people have in ancient times?


And, of course, wild plants and animals were still eaten during this time.

Pinyon tree (close-up).Yucca.Ricegrass.Amaranth.Goosefoot.
Deer.Elk.Bighorn sheep.Rabbit.


Archaeologists think Pueblo people had an efficient way to farm, hunt, and gather wild plant foods, all at the same time! Deer, rabbits, and rodents were attracted to the crops in the farm fields, and weeds grew in-between the plants. So it would have been easy for people to "catch" their meat and collect nutritious weeds while tending their fields of corn, beans, and squash.